Introducing a new fin system: SurfTrux. The basic idea is that the thruster system is very good. On rail, the combined actions of the rear and inside rail fin cannot be beat. That is the first principle of SurfTrux: don't mess with the rear and inside rail fin combo of a thruster when turning. The second principle of SurfTrux is: At all other times, let the rail fins orient in toe-in to the water flow to reduce drag. The fins rotate in real time in between every turn, around an axis near the front of the fin. The fins never toe-in more than the end-limit, which is set at installation, usually at the normal toe-in angle. This has two main effects on surf response. In turns, the outside rail fin folds away from the water flow, so you turn SLIGHTLY faster and SLIGHTLY harder than a thruster. In between turns, you can adjust trim angle to adjust speed. If you stay hard on your rear foot, it is exactly like a thruster. If you lean forward, the drag releases and you take off like a rocket. It usually takes many sessions to learn to lean forward to your advantage. SurfTrux has the turning power of a thruster, and the ability of a singlefin to alter trim angle to adjust drag. US Patent 7,001,236.

The advantage of SurfTrux over the thruster is large and substantial in small waves, and more minor in double overhead waves. There is never a penalty for using SurfTrux, but in double overhead waves you may be underwhelmed. Going backside, the board will be a little more rail oriented than a thruster, so move your rear foot a little towards the inside rail. The system does allows all three fins to be fixed so it will be just like a thruster. However, other than for testing purposes, no one ever leaves the rail fins fixed, because every tester notices, and likes, its advantages.
SurfTrux - den ultimata fenboxen
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