Click to order SurfTrux. Price: $85 USA. Includes shipping USPS anyplace in the USA. SurfTrux includes 3 fiberglass fins manufactured by Rainbow Fin Company to our specifications. Three boxes, and everything necessary to allow the fin either to rotate in a finbox, or be fixed.
Click to order Router Template and Box Positioner. The template is a thin aluminum plate with a hole in it with the box outline shape. The box positioner is a set of two straight bars. One bar is for the rail fin boxes, the other is for the rear box. The box positioners allow the boxes to be set level to the plane of the bottom of the board, with the correct depth and toe-in. Not required to use SurfTrux (but easier).
Cost: $25 (includes shipping)
Please note we will receive Paypal dollars and ship anyplace in the USA. Supplies are limited, we will update this page in a timely fashion if we are back-ordered. We are also happy to take personal checks, just email us and we will work it out. If you have questions comments concerns problems or just want to send me money you can Email me. Email address is blakestah AT gmail DOT com. We are happy to work with your shaper and/or glasser to ensure you get the best value out of our fin system.