We here at Blakestah.com feel the best ride reports are not those written by marketing droids, but those written by surfers who paid for the product. Here are some of those types of reports. If you pay for SurfTrux and write a ride report, we hope to link it in here as well.
A ride review from one of our beta testers, as posted at Swaylocks He posted an identical review at Surfermag. This beta tester was a paying customer who offered his review unsolicited.

Another of the beta testers, who bought a unit, offered this unsolicited review at Swaylocks. He went on to ride the board a lot, and then posted this Swaylocks post after he fixed the rail fins into the thruster configuration. "With the fins locked into standard thruster position I felt like I had the brakes on the whole time, compared to what the board felt like with the fins rotating."

A North Shore test in big hollow waves from a surfer with a competition background. This unit was comp'd for testing.

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