SF buoy spectrum
SF Buoy

SE Hawaii spectrum (about 2-3 days)
SE Hawaii Buoy

Christmas Island spectrum (4-5 days)
4 days for 20 sec periods, 5.5 days at 14 secs
Only if the direction is correct
Christmas Island Buoy

South swells from 230 to 190 degrees will usually hit the Christmas Island buoy. 14-20 second energy bands with 10 for energy come in close to 3 foot (this depends a little on the winds en route, too). Energy bands with 2-3 at the SF buoy are reasonably rideable for south swells. The SE Hawaii Buoy is given as a buoy with good south exposure that should be about 2-3 days ahead of the San Francisco buoy.

South swells of 165-190 degrees can easily miss the Christmas Island buoy entirely and come in very poorly predicted. C'est la vie.
Old south swell charts

Buoy raw energy is taken from the buoy web sites in m*m/Hz. These values are plotted as a function of wave period instead of wave Hz because wave period is proportional to wave velocity, and wave period squared is proportional to wave energy. There are 3 fixed scales at 5,10, and 15 m*m/Hz. The fourth scale is rhino, and it self-adjusts depending on the largest swell energy entry. Let me know if you have any feedback/ideas All copyright on plots reserved - email me if you want to use these plots or their source in perl. The programs also require ghostscript,lynx, and date. So think UNIX/linux/*BSD.