Some notes on tides and currents
Some notes on sharks in the Bay Area
Some science of tides and waves
Doc's excellent ding repairs
A nice discourse on surfer's ear.
A PhD physicist on surfing hydrodynamics

TIPS - consider them worth what you paid and you won't be disappointed

Consider staying out of the water for 24 hours after a solid rain to avoid getting sick. It is no fun. For water quality info call 1.877.732.3224 for a (one day late) recording on water quality.
If you are trying to learn to surf, go here.

Epic OB Surf Jan 12 1997 4:30 PM at Sloat 8 foot, 14 seconds, 270 degrees, 10 knot east wind.
This is NOT a picture of me, much as I would like to claim it.

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This page is a hobbyist non-revenue generating effort. It is set up by a surfer and may prove useful to surfers, especially those who like bigger surf. It provides links to, and interpretations of, information available on the internet, and not information available only at the beach.

This page initiated in 1996 as I collected weather information to allow me to plan surf sessions a few days in advance. Ultimately, that is still my goal - to maximize my enjoyment of surfing by having some idea of what is coming in the foreseeable future. Really, it is sort of a weather forecast tailored for surfers. I want someone to see the front page and know what range of conditions to expect in the next few days. The best knowledge, of course, comes at dawn at the beach. The intent of this site is to be second best.

Webcams of surfing locations single out those locations, and cause problems for people at those locations in the form of focussed surfing traffic, increased beach trash, and increased parking problems. For this reason, they should be restricted to areas that are VERY public already and have appropriate facilities. Or, better yet, banned altogether.