This page contains reader submitted pics. If I continue to receive pics that are reproduced without permission I will remove this page. ONLY SEND IN A PIC IF YOU HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE PHOTOG! I make a "good faith" effort to verify copyright is not being violated. If you are interested, please submit a pic to Put the photographer and/or surfer name on the pic, or email them to me. Ocean Beach pics only, please, and do not identify cross-streets on the pics.

Surf shots with surfers
Duncan Campbell pic 12/11/04 surfer unknown
Andrew Gross pic, Surfer Harper Lindstrom 12/17/03
Andrew Gross pic,12/17/03
Andrew Gross pic, 12/17/03
Kdalle 96 #1 Photo Jim Franco
Kdalle 96 #2 Photo Jim Franco
Kdalle 96 #3 Photo Jim Franco
Friend#1 photo
Ed Quinn in the tube at OB, DHarris photo
Joe Dirt Photo Dec 7, 2002 surfer Christian Beserra of the OB Brazilian surf mafia
Joe Dirt Photo, Dec 7, 2002
Salerian shot
M. Siegel photo, 11/29/2002 1

Surf shots without surfers
Friend#1 photo (big, not for dialup)
Friend#1 photo
Justin Gordon Photo, Dec 6, 2002
M. Siegel photo 11/29/2002 2
M. Siegel photo, 11/29/2002 3
M. Siegel photo, 11/29/2002 4
Don Harris framegrab, late Nov
Also see Don's site KSUSA.ORG, a kneeboarder portal